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Best Auto Service in town

Looking for the best auto service in town? Why stop there? At Mercie J Auto Care, we're not only home to the best service you'll find here in Mesa, AZ, but the best you'll find - anywhere

Broken Door Handles

At Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, AZ, we understand that every repair doesn’t mean the difference between a car that runs and a car that doesn’t. Our technicians are here for the big jobs, but we’re also around for the stuff that might be classified as plain inconvenient.

Bumper Covers

Your bumper covers are always in danger. Between other drivers, obstacles in the road, flash floods, or any other hazard you may encounter, at some point it’s likely your bumper covers will accrue some damage. At Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, AZ, we can fix that.

Customer Service

At Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, we are fully dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Our technicians work hard to ensure timely, friendly, and efficient maintenance and repairs that you can rely on.

Customer Service, is what we do...

 Mercie J crew Mesa 85205 Auto repair

Most auto owners come to the shop with specific services in mind and an idea of how much they’ll be spending.  Sometimes, a courtesy car inspection and a review of your service history will uncover additional items that require attention. How should you react to that?

Here’s some advice: It’s not as if your service advisor is saying “Do you want fries with that?” or “Supersize for 59 cents more.” We are not recommending something extra or something you don’t need. Recommendations are either based on the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule or on a problem uncovered during an automotive analysis.

Detecting early signs of transmission trouble

Transmissions rarely go out without a warning. Typically it takes a while, during which time there will be observable symptoms. Sometimes it’s an easy fix and sometimes it isn’t, but it’s always better to catch an issue and get it repaired as soon as possible. Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, AZ has provided you with a few things to watch out for.


Modern cars are becoming increasingly complex, and as a result, computer diagnostic systems are becoming a necessity rather than a convenience. At Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, our state of the art technology and trained technicians are ready to diagnose any issue you may be experiencing with your car, truck, or SUV.

Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold This Winter

Cold weather is difficult. It’s hard on us, and it’s hard on your car - and it’s never colder than when you’re sitting in a broken-down vehicle waiting on a tow truck. Luckily, Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, AZ has some advice on the matter, to make sure you avoid a breakdown this winter.

Door Panels

Few things are more annoying than a broken door panel. When you shut your door, the last thing you want is for the plastic door cover inside to come off instead, leaving the door behind. If it happens to you, don’t worry. Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa can fix it.

Faulty Fuel Gauge

At Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, we know how annoying a faulty fuel gauge can be. Never knowing how much gas you have in your car, truck, or SUV, and constantly running the risk of stranding yourself on the road somewhere, takes its toll after a while. Luckily, we can fix that.

Ground Connections

At Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, we know that few problems are simultaneously as simple and confusing as a bad ground connection on your car, truck or SUV. Here’s a look at some symptoms of a bad ground, and what you can do to correct it.

How much do Car Repairs usually Cost? Here's the most important questions to ask before spending money repairing your vehicle.

Your Trusted Auto Repair ShopPrice shopping for a gallon of milk is relatively easy. There are a lot of regulations controlling food so the quality is somewhat uniform. Other grocery items may be a little more difficult – we have to read labels and calculate price per ounce because the packaging may be different sizes. When we move to things like clothing or appliances, we have to work a little harder to be educated consumers. The fact that some advertising is misleading makes the process even that more difficult.

In any type of service business, the challenge goes up exponentially. Parts like roof shingles, plumbing valves, and alternators vary in quality. Without expertise in those fields, it is almost impossible to really tell the difference. Labor is even more difficult. What unseen details are included or overlooked?

The absolute best way to compare is to interview others who have done business with the companies you are interested in. Once you have decided to check pricing, here are some questions you should ask.

  • Is the estimate just parts and labor?
  •  Does the estimate include tax?
  • Are there additional charges for shop supplies or waste disposal?
  • How long is the warranty?
  • Does the warranty cover parts and labor?
  •  Is the estimate padded a bit to cover any unknowns?
  •  Is there a guarantee that the estimate will not be exceeded?
  • Are tow bills or any additional failures covered due to a warranty issue?

The reality is that in most cases, no shop can give you an accurate estimate without first inspecting the vehicle. Ultimately, it’s best to choose a shop you are comfortable with – one that you are confident is giving you everything you pay for. A year after the repairs are completed you will remember the quality far more than you will remember the price. In the end, quality repair shops are going to be very similar in price.

Repair shopping can be very confusing. If you have any questions about a particular situation, please give us a call. Even if we are not in the running for your business, we’ll still be glad to give you information to help you make your best choice.

How to change a tire

With AAA, roadside assistance, and the decreasing ability of people to fix and maintain their own cars, there are a lot of people on the road today who don’t know how to change a tire. Removing your wheel and replacing it with your spare may seem like a daunting task, but with this guide from Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, AZ you’ll have the knowledge you need when you find yourself in a bind.

How to Diagnose a Blown Head Gasket

Blown head Gasket Diagnostics Master technician Mesa

As a Certified master technician, sometimes diagnostics require specialized equipment and a lot of in depth testing. Sometimes it just requires some knowledge. Today we are

Importance of Routine Battery Check-Ups

As cars become more technologically advanced, the importance of your vehicle’s battery becomes continually more important. In the old days, a car battery essentially worked, or it didn’t; if it was good enough to start the car, it was good enough. Moderns vehicles are a different story. A faulty battery can cause a variety of issues, including engine codes, sensor failures, irregular transmission behavior, and the list goes on. Battery failure often causes issues that are commonly misdiagnosed, and in the hands of the wrong auto repair shop, a mechanic may spend hundreds of your hard-earned dollars chasing problems that don’t exist. At Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, AZ, our mechanics are familiar with modern vehicles and the problems that accompany them.

Is it time for new wiper blades?

Windshield wipers are one of those things you never think about until you need them, and by then it’s too late. There’s a good chance you haven’t changed yours since summer, so it might be a good idea to inspect them before rainy weather catches you off guard. Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, AZ has compiled a few windshield wiper tips here for you.

Is it wear & tear or a serious problem?

It’s not always easy to recognize when your vehicle is suffering from a simple problem that requires a little maintenance and TLC or there is real engine damage as symptoms can be overlooked and seen as “normal.” While not all sounds and smells may threaten the life of your car or truck engine, there are some obvious warning signs that require a vehicle inspection here at the shop right away.

Is Your Car Trying To Tell You Something?

Car break down misfire transmission Mesa az 85205

Your car will rarely just break down or take a turn for the worst out of the blue. Nine times out of ten, your car, truck, or SUV will let you know if something is about to go wrong. Here’s a few things to watch out for, from Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, AZ.


At Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, AZ, we understand the importance of locally owned and operated repair and maintenance facilities. We enjoy being a part of this community, and getting to know its citizens, old and new, through years of quality service and commitment. Your automotive shop isn’t just a faceless business you sometimes visit; it’s a place where you want to know you can trust that everyone inside has your best interest in mind. It’s important to us, and to you, that no matter what you need, we’ll be there. From emergency situations to simple oil changes, a good local shop always has your back.

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