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The headlight cleaning service result was amazing!

Jim Schmidt
Customer Review
I was recently in for some routine maintenance and Michelle suggested the headlight cleaning service. The result was amazing. It was a great idea for some tired light lenses. Thank you

Why does my car Leak Water?

Welcome to Mercie J auto care, where “Compassion and Craftsmanship Come Together.”
I’m Rick Smith, certified master technician.
The question we are going to answer today is, “Why does my car leak water”
First of all, we are talking about clear H2O, not radiator fluid or windshield washer fluid. 

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Why you should NOT leave your car on at the gas station.

 That’s why I have
this scar on my cheek.
Believe it or not, liquid gasoline is much less volatile than fuel vapors. Just because we don’t see any gas
on the ground or have not spilled any doesn’t mean there is no danger present. Keeping the car off
reduces heat and the chances of spark that may ignite the fuel vapors that are produced during fill up.
Also, we have emission components on the car that may be open while the engine is off, but closed
when not running. If we get raw fuel into those parts, they may become damaged, which is not as bad
as a fire, but certainly hazardous to the bank account. This is also a reason you should not top off your
tank once the pump has hit it’s shut off point.
I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my grandkids every time we say goodbye. “Make good decisions”
Until next time, safe travels and blessings to you.

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