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How do I know if I'm low on Freon?

Some of the questions we hear are "How can I tell if I'm low on Freon?" or "How do I know if I need freon?" Welcome to Mercie J Auto Care, Where Compassion and Craftsmanship come together. I’m your host, Rick Smith, ASE Certified Master Technician.

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What is a Head Gasket?

Welcome to Mercie J Auto Care, Where Compassion and Craftsmanship Come Together. Rick Smith, Certified ASE Master Technician and owner is here today to show you what a Head Gasket is. Now you may panic when you hear how expensive it is to replace. Basically the head gasket seals between two major engine components. Your cylinder block, which has the pistons inside and your cylinder head which sits on top. Your head gasket sits in the center of your engine, which is why it is so expensive to replace. It seals the area around the pistons and your radiator fluid or coolant goes around that to keep the heat off of your engine. So when this begins to leak internally, we start to get hot combustion gases from the engine running into the radiator or we get coolant into the cylinder. Is there's any other questions you have please feel free to shoot us an email or comment below.

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Why do my Car Battery Terminals keep Corroding?

The problem with battery corrosion is that it can eat away at your Battery Cables and other components under your hood. Corrosion is kind of like cancer. While we cannot get rid of it completely, we can keep it at bay. How does corrosion happen? Well there is acid inside the battery. The battery is plastic, but coming out of the battery are metal posts that we hook the cables to. Where those posts seal to the battery we often have a little bit of leakage where vapors come up and cause the corrosion. The best ways to clean the battery is tons of water. The second thing we can do is disconnect the cables individually and wire brush the terminals on both sides. Then just keep maintaining it!

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What causes a Fuel Pump to go bad?

Have you ever seen the fuel pump on your car? It's not likely that you've ever seen it because its located inside your fuel tank. When your fuel pump quits, so does your car. That's why its important to do everything you can to protect it. It is a fairy expensive investment. Here are two tips from Rick Smith, certified master technician. 1) Your fuel pump sits in fuel so keep your car above 1/4 tank so it runs cooler and lasts longer. 2) If your car has an external fuel filter. Replace that regularly helps extend the life of your fuel filter. We hope this video was helpful. Please join us next time.

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The headlight cleaning service result was amazing!

Jim Schmidt
Customer Review
I was recently in for some routine maintenance and Michelle suggested the headlight cleaning service. The result was amazing. It was a great idea for some tired light lenses. Thank you

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