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When should I replace my Spark Plugs?

When should I Replace my Spark Plugs? Studies I’ve seen show that after about 60,000 miles, the energy it takes to fire spark plug goes up. When you have more energy requirements, that puts more stress on the coils.

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Chevy Silverado Losing Brake Fluid

Today we’re working on a 2008 Chevy Silverado that’s losing brake fluid. If you have one of the Silverado‘s or a GMC Sierra and you’re losing brake fluid but you don’t see any leaks anywhere and you don’t know where it’s going, it’s possible the master cylinder seal is leaking and the fluids going into the vacuum brake booster.

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Emission Failure on Ford Mustang

What we have here is a 2016 Ford mustang with a 2.3 L eco-boost engine and failed because the check engine lights on. The check engine light is on because of a P0 301 which is a number one cylinder misfire.

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