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"I always feel comfortable with the Mercie J team and their recommendations." -Kevin with Dempsey Group Realty

The air conditioning in my wife’s car stopped working. I brought that car in to Mercie J for the first time and not only did Rick and his team at Mercie J properly diagnose and repair my problem. They also advised me on some regular maintenance that needed to be done that the dealer had failed to mention. I always feel comfortable with the Mercie J team and their recommendations to help my vehicles remain on the road long after I’ve made my final payment. Best automotive professionals in Phoenix! - Kevin D (5 star review on Google)

"They didn't try to sell me!" -Michael M.

My first visit to Mercie J Auto Care was different then any other automotive shop I have been to. The lobby was clean and the staff greeted me with big smiles and were beyond friendly. I went in because I feared my brakes were bad. After the technicians and owner took a look at the car they explained the brakes to my vehicle have certain material that causes them to squeak once and awhile. They said I have about 70% of my brake pads still there. They didn't try to sell me new brake pads or anything. Rarely do you go to an auto shop and not get sold on something.

My second experience with Mercie J Auto was great as well. I called them to make an appointment. Once again worried I had some major issues because my steering wheel would shake at 10 miles an hour. We were in middle of scheduling an appointment when owner and Master technician walked by. Adele who I was speaking to grabbed them and they spoke to me over the phone. They said it sounds like I may have a bubble in my tire. They suggested to visit my tire guy. Once again didn't try to sell me. They have had my loyalty since both of my first transactions. P.S. They were right. My tire guy was able to fix my tire issue for free and my steering wheel does not shake. - Michael M (5 star rating on Google)

"I don’t have to worry about second opinions." -Joseph W.

I’ve been using Mercie J to maintain our family vehicles since I first met Rick. I don’t have to worry about second opinions or if the work that’s being recommended is necessary. Rick and Michael are two of the most ethical business owners I know. They take time to explain the issues, the available options, pros/cons of each and an honest assessment on the necessity of the repairs. The customer service is exceptional and the staff is extremely friendly. I frequently take my vehicles to Rick for pre-trip inspections and can rest easy that everything is OK. I love their Loyalty Program as well!! - Joseph W (5 star rating on Google)

"Worth every penny to have an honest shop!" -Jake U.

I was borrowing my aunt's car that is typically sitting for most of the seasons while I was in the middle of changing vehicles. This older Jaguar had some engine light issues dealing with some of the electronics that was causing low power from the engine. Mercie J found the source of the problem and had the car up and running safely after a day in the shop. Worth every penny to have an honest shop that does what it takes to make sure the customers needs are met and getting back on the road safely! Thanks Rick and his team!  - Jake U. (5 star review on Google)

"Thank you so much for treating her like family!" -Vanessa R.

I always receive great service from Rick and the team and I love Adele, she is so warm and welcoming! They have a wonderful caring way of handling their clients. My sister purchased an alternator online and I warned her the issue may not be the alternator. After much persuasion from me my sister brought her older Mercury to Mercie J and paid a nominal inspection fee while they dismantled the car to find the issue - I'm talking at least 5-6 hours and guess what they discovered her after market CD changer was drawing power from the battery even when the car was turned off. With my sister's permission they disconnected the CD changer and I'm pretty sure they charged nothing more than the inspection fee! She was able to return the uninstalled alternator and avoid an unnecessary repair that another shop likely would have done and charged her for despite it not actually being the problem. Thank you so much for treating her like family! - Vanessa R (5 star rating on Google)

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