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What causes maintenance required light to come on?

My daughter wanted to know what causes a maintenance required light to come on. Welcome to Mercie J, where compassion and craftsmanship come together. I'm Rick Smith, Master Certified Technician. So first of all let's make sure we're talking about the right light.

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What is a SQUIB?

Now according to my grandkids who watch Bluey, a Squib is somebody who's a sore loser, but there's a part on the car called The Squib.

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What should I do if my Airbag light is on?

What should you do if your airbag light is on? Welcome to Mercie J Auto Care, where compassion and craftmanship come together, I'm Rick Smith.

Now just so you know the airbag light is a supplemental restraint system or SRS so in the event of a collision the bag deploys and helps assist the seat belt so you're better protected. Now if that lights on, that means

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What are signs of a worn out clutch?

What are the signs of a worn out clutch?

Welcome to Mercie J, where compassion and craftsmanship come together, I'm Rick Smith.

So first of all let me kind of separate, you can have a worn out clutch or you can have some clutch failures.

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How often should I replace my Cabin air filter?

How often should you replace your cabin air filter? Welcome to Mercie J, I'm Rick Smith.

Now the cabin air filter is a filter that's typically behind the glove box in the dash and it serves the same purpose as the air filter for the HVAC system in your home. The one that's typically in the ceiling. Most of those are statically charged so they do collect dust quickly. Some are actually even carbon infused which helps reduce odors.

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