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Take care of it or high repair bills? Which do you prefer?

Oil gunked up on an engine.

We see this with our fleet customers, our regular Mesa serving: Mesa, Gilbert, & Apache Junction car pool drivers and our diesel truck drivers so it isn't just one type of driver that ends up with a nightmare on their hands costing thousands of dollars to repair, asking about the costs of a JASPER replacement engine!  The fact is your driving habits and maintenance habits can easily avoid this issue!  6 EASY STEPS - Service, Tires, Don't Ignore Service Engine Lights, Keep it Clean & Stop Driving Crazy!

Owning a car or diesel truck can be easy and low maintenance or a nightmare of epic proportions that you repeat with every vehicle you drive.  Many of our customers have asked us why their repair bills are so high, so we prepared a list for them!   Here at Mercie J Auto Care our job is to keep the repair bills down and driving easier for our Mesa serving: Mesa, Gilbert, & Apache Junction drivers and these 6 steps are easy to follow.

1.  Check Engine Lights are serious.  Do not ignore them as it always signals an issue and if you catch it early, that issue is always less serious which equals less costly to repair.  You'll ensure that fuel economy is not a problem and be out in no time avoiding any big issues.

2.  Always change your fluids & filters on time.  This allows your engine to work smoothly and protects the entire system and components making your car or truck run dependably and reliably extending its life exponentially.

3.  Tires need rotating.  Always check your tires for tread life, inflation and any issues.  Under-inflated tires can wear out more quickly and negatively impact safety, gas mileage and performance.  Nobody likes that and worst case scenario is have an accident due to having a bad tire causing major damage to your tire and possibly others.

4.  Service - Service - Service.  Having your service done on time is important as parts wear out, filters get clogged and checking your car or truck often will ensure everything is in working order.  Routine inspections and timely repairs will ensure efficiency and avoid more expensive repairs down the road. 

5.  Keep it clean.  Sounds odd right?  However, a clean car is a happy driver!  Dirty vehicles have a buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt increasing the potential for rust and it also interferes with proper visibility needed for safe driving.  *Plus you are a happier driver!

6.  Severe Driving.  Stop & Go.  Rough Roads.  Heavy Loads.  Severe Driving Conditions all are difficult on your car or truck.  When you drive smart and limit severe driving your fuel economy goes up and there is less stress on all parts of your car or truck.  Drive the speed limit and avoid aggressive driving with quick starts and stops if you can.

All these things will help you keep your car or truck longer and enjoy it more paying much - much less for repairs and maintenance which you will most assuredly enjoy and allow you to spend that money on other things.  Our technicians here at Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa serving: Mesa, Gilbert, & Apache Junction want you to enjoying that car or truck for many many miles keeping you safe behind the wheel.  We treat every vehicle like it belongs to our family members and love what we do here so:  Drive Safe and Schedule Your Next Service!  


Thank you for visiting Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa serving: Mesa, Gilbert, & Apache Junction, AZ where we love our customers and their kids!  Expect Hot Wheels Racing, Great Customer Service & Excellent Mechanics who know how to fix anything that comes through these bay doors!   Our goal is to have everyone of EVERY age to leave happy!

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