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Let us build a fleet service program that works for you!

While most fleet vehicles are chosen for their reliability, low maintenance, and durability, sometimes maintaining several of them at a time can become overwhelming. Just keeping up with the maintenance schedule alone is a task and then to ensure you keep your scheduled routes for those fleet vehicles is another task in itself.  Let Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, Gilbert, & Apache Junction put your mind at ease, with our fleet maintenance programs for any and all fleet vehicles.  We will take the stress from your business fleet program and get your fleet trucks and fleet cars running at optimum performance with a routine that works for your business that often REDUCES costs!


It is true that your fleet cars and trucks see more miles time behind the wheel throughout an average work day than a traditional "corporate business vehicle".  There is a big difference and the maintenance program is also different.  When a car, truck, van, or SUV sees this much use, it's important to keep up with the scheduled maintenance and service which varies so much based on the number of miles vs the amount of months that pass.  Each vehicle will be different based on the route and the driver.  The last thing you want is a stranded or down diesel fleet truck on a scheduled route as a result of neglected normal maintenance.  That is where a proactive fleet maintenance program developed by a highly trained technician and a repair shop like Mercie J Auto Care that cares about your business makes a difference.  We will build a program for you that will take care of most normal issues.

How will we do that?  Part of it is simple as we look at what kind of business you are and how you use your fleet vehicles.  Do you have diesel trucks or a fleet of cars and SUVs as there is a difference.  We also look at how much you drive each of those vehicles and in what kind of terrain as that also makes a difference in how we service their maintenance and repair needs.  We want to ensure your fleet stays up and running and prevent issues from arising in the first place.

Next we look at that schedule and see if there is a good time for you to get that scheduled maintenance done so we can impact your business operations less.  Here, it is all about you!  Your fleet maintenance needs.   We offer quick service when you need it, to have your vehicles in and out as fast as possible.

Also, we keep an eye out for possible developing issues, keeping you up to date on the condition of your fleet trucks and cars.  When an issue does present itself, we do not want to put off the repair until the vehicle is no longer drivable; after all, you need it on the road, and time down is money lost. Catching a problem early and having it repaired is a far more efficient approach...keeping a broken or malfunctioning vehicle on the road increases the chance of dramatically worsening the issue, resulting in more expensive and time-consuming repair. 

Here, our diesel and automotive technicians work to keep your fleet trucks and cars reliably on the road  working within your business structure! 

If you need a fleet repair shop for your diesel trucks or for your cars, SUVs, or any other type of combination of business fleet vehicles, we would like to earn your business.  We can take care of ALL your fleet maintenance and repair needs.  Trust Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa, Gilbert, & Apache Junction for the best fleet maintenance and repairs available! 



Thank you for visiting Mercie J Auto Care in Mesa serving: Mesa, Gilbert, & Apache Junction, AZ where we love our customers and their kids!  Expect Hot Wheels Racing, Great Customer Service & Excellent Mechanics who know how to fix anything that comes through these bay doors!   Our goal is to have everyone of EVERY age to leave happy!

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