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Why is my Car's Radiator Fan so Loud?

One of the trending questions right now is “Why is my radiator fan so loud?”

One of the trending questions right now is “Why is my radiator fan so loud?” Well we shot another video that talks about if you have a pick up truck with a mechanical fan clutch. Today we’re going to talk about if your vehicle has an electric fan. You may have two fans like this or you may have a single fan and they could run at different speeds. If you live here in Arizona, anytime your air conditioning is on these fans are going to come on. They might be different speeds, so if it gets really hot out in the AC pressure gets real high, these can actually get quite noisy. It will sound smooth, if it sounds rough, a lot of vibration and stuff, probably one of the motors in these fans has gone bad. Pop the hood, listen and feel. Some noise is normal, listen to other cars or your neighbors cars and compare. If you have any questions, stop by I’ll listen to it for you no problem. So I hope this is been information to you on why your fan might be making noise. It might be normal. Until next time, safe travels and blessings to you.

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