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Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Special!

Prius Hybrid Battery Savings Hybrid Battery Replacement Mesa AZ 1730 N Banning St 2019

How do our clients save big on Prius hybrid battery problems?



Prius hybrid battery replacement can be quite costly.  We are the only shop in Mesa that I’m aware of that has the ability to recondition the pack in house.  What that means to you is we eliminate the middle man and save you precious cash.  For $699.00 we will remove the battery pack from your Prius, disassemble it and test each individual cell.  A thorough cleaning of all the electrical terminals will be done.  We will replace any bad cells, then cycle the pack to restore the capacity and balance all the cells so they work in harmony with each other.  Typically there are one or two failed cells, so with parts the total job runs about $800.00


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